Sunday, February 5, 2012

Brief update: CMS conference, gigs, new record label etc etc

Just a brief update for all my loyal readers...I'm heading into a very busy period of time and not sure how often I'll have time to write.

College Music Society Conference
Tomorrow is the closing date for registration on the College Music Society Pacific Northwest Chapter conference which will be held at Capilano U March 16-17.  I am president of the chapter and also the host of the conference this time around.  Tomorrow I'll find out which of the presenters who said they were coming will actually come.  Then it is time to schedule all the events, book equipment, book the catering, find student helpers, make a program etc.  I have done this before back when I was president for an earlier term so I know what I'm up against and what needs to be done, but it is daunting nonetheless.  In essence, a lot of very smart and creative colleagues from institutions all over the Western US and Canada (mostly the US) are showing up on my turf and I need to make everything look good and run smoothly.  This year, in addition to all of the usual lectures, performances, demonstrations,  seminars,  lunches and chapter business meeting, CMS has engaged the Saxophilia Sax Quartet to premiere nine new works by CMS composers on March 17.  That should be an amazing concert.

New Online Record Label
 Those of you who have known me for a while will remember that I operated a record label called Third Rail Music from 1998 until about 2005 or so, when CDs started to go the way of the Dodo.  Now that they are almost completely extinct as a commercial product, I figured it was time to get going on a digital version of the label and Bandcamp seemed the right way to go.  There are four recordings up there and available now for download.  When I get a few more up there I'll make a bigger splash about it.  For now, if you happen to check it out, drop me a line with your impressions of the appearance, sounds etc

Gigs at Presentation House are happening as usual and I'll be there this Wednesday with Bill Clark (trumpet) and Stan Taylor (drums).  Bill is back from New Mexico for a while and I'm really excited to get the group together again.  You can hear some of the trio's music here.  In addition to all this, my dear friend Len is back in town for a few months and we're starting some rehearsals for a Len Aruliah Sextet gig on Feb 15 at Presentation House.  Hear some of the sextet music here.

Lastly, stay tuned for news of a special Capilano U residency and concert with my friend Curtis Andrews, who is freshly returned from India, no doubt with more rhythmic goodies up his sleeves.