Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Upcoming gig with Trichy Sankaran

I am really excited about an upcoming gig with Sri Trichy Sankaran. Sankaran is one of the world's foremost Carnatic percussionists performing on mrdangam and kanjira. His 6 decade-long career has taken him around the globe as a performer, composer, collaborator, and teacher. This amazing opportunity has come my way through my friend, Curtis Andrews, a drummer and composer who is one of Sankaran's disciples and the organizer of this concert.

We'll perform music by Curtis and his guru in traditional Carnatic contexts as well as more fusion-oriented settings. There are some other excellent musicians and friends on board including: Robin Layne (vibraphone, percussion), David Spidel (electric bass), Kaushik Sivaramakrishnan (Carnatic violin), Vidyasagar Vankayala (Carnatic vocal)

Don't miss this one if you are in Vancouver on September 22.

Facebook event: