Sunday, March 17, 2013

Rob Kohler Concerts and Residency

LA bass player, Rob Kohler, will soon be arriving for some performances and a residency at Capilano University Jazz Studies Dept.  Rob has been one of my best friends and most frequent collaborators since we met in Oregon in 1997. He is one of the best musicians and music educators I know and among the finest, kindest, and most genuine men on the planet.

Click HERE to find some audio and video of Rob and I playing together in the Delta Quartet.

In addition to working with my students at Capilano U, Rob will be playing some concerts as listed below.
Hope to see some of you blog readers at one of the shows!

March 26, 11:30am
Rob Kohler Quartet
Capilano University
Room Fir 113, Free admission
Rob Kohler  plus Hugh Fraser (piano), Dave Robbins (drums), Jared Burrows (guitar)

March 27, 8pm
Vancouver Improvisers Orchestra featuring Rob Kohler
Presentation House Studio
333 Chesterfield St, North Vancouver
$10 at the door

March 28, 7:30pm
Rob Kohler Quartet
Delta Community Music School
4705 Arthur Drive, Ladner, BC
Rob Kohler plus Brad Turner (piano/trumpet), Dave Robbins (drums), Jared Burrows (guitar)
Tickets here:

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Videos from Chad Makela Group Gig

Here are some videos from a recent gig on February 13 with Chad Makela's group.  Chad is a marvelous musician and is the 'first call' baritone sax player in Vancouver, but surprised me by coming with his alto for this gig...and what a pleasant surprise it was.  I love his sound on this horn and his unique linear concept. The tunes were also a lot of fun to play. This was the first appearance for this particular band and I was sight-reading the music, but I think it worked out very well.  It was an exciting night and a really enthusiastic and intensely listening crowd.

I am very fortunate to play with Dave Robbins (drums) a lot.  Look for an exciting announcement about the Dave Robbins Electric Band CD and a very big gig in the near future. He sounds great on these videos and brings his usual high levels of energy and enthusiasm.  Darren Radtke and I were students in college together 20 years ago and used to play together all the time but for some reason have only played a handful of times since then.  We both felt that Something of our old connection came though on this gig. He is such a beautifully melodic bass player.

This was also my first attempt at video recording and editing.  This is pretty simple at this point as I am just recording single-camera video and 2-track stereo audio on separate devices and syncing them up with Adobe Premiere.  I learned a lot on this one so the next videos should be better.  My friend Lawrence Wu has been doing some multi-camera video at some of the other shows at Presentation House Studio and I may try my hand at those soon.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sangati Concert video on Youtube

The "Sangati" concert mentioned in my last blog entry worked out very well.  What makes it even better is the fact the we were able to document it with high quality audio, video and photographs.

Here is a video excerpt from one of the tunes.  More to come soon!