Thursday, November 17, 2011

upcoming gigs

Updates seem to be getting fewer and fewer these days.  This fall has been incredibly busy with a lot of very involved musical projects.  No time to write!
Upcoming gigs include:

  • November 23 -  Offering of Curtis Andrews at Kozmik Zoo. 53 W. Broadway. 9pm. $10 at the door.
  • November 29 - Brad Turner Group at Capilano U.  Brad Turner - trumpet/piano, Jared Burrows - guitar, Dave Robbins - drums, Wynston Minckler - bass. 11:30am, FIR 113. Free admission.
  • November 30 - J Trio at presentation House Studio. James Danderfer - clarinet, Jared Burrows - guitar/bass, Joe Poole - drums.  at Presentation House Studio, 333 Chesterfield, N. Vancouver.  8pm $10 at the door.
  • Dec 6 -  Thordarson/Reed/Burrows  at Presentation House Studio.  Stefan Thordarson - violin, Jared Burrows - guitar, Clyde Reed - bass.  Free playing from three generations of improvisers.   333 Chesterfield, N. Vancouver.  8pm $10 at the door.

Trisurgence concert footage from Nov 4 and 5

Here's a link to some short video footage of the Trisurgence concert I was involved with a few week's ago.  New World Chinese Orchestra, Huayi Choir, and Koan.  Thanks to Brad Muirhead for thinking this up and making it all happen!

The song is "Jasmine Flower", a traditional tune arranged by our conductor, Jin Zhang.  I'm in there somewhere between the erhu section and the french horns....

Watching this video on Youtube should lead you to links to more video of other parts of the evening.