Saturday, December 12, 2015

Video from Thunder Lizard Gig

Here is some video from a recent gig with Thunder Lizard.  Joe and Nick are two of my favourite musicians.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Thunder Lizard Recording on Soundcloud

I have been playing with an exciting new trio for the past few months. The band is called Thunder Lizard and features two of my favourite musicians and friends: Nick Peck (virtual B3 organ) and Joe Poole (drums).   The band shows influences from rock, jazz, and also from non-western musical sources. The focus is on grooves and stretching for new things in our improvising. It is also a chance for Nick and I to play our compositions and have Joe make them sound really great. I've been trying some more rock/blues oriented sounds in my guitar playing and that has been a lot of fun.  There is video coming soon and the band may record a studio album in December.

This recording is from a live gig a few weeks back.  Many thanks to my learned colleague, Lawrence Wu for his expert recording of the gig.
I really love playing with these guys and I'm excited to share the music with everyone.  Enjoy

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The blog is not only smells funny

No, the blog is not dead.  Not yet anyway. Despite the lack of digital evidence, lots of things have been happening.  Too many and too much to have time to relate here, loyal readers.

 In short, I played a lot of gigs in the spring, our family had a lovely holiday in France and Italy in the summer, and I have been very busy at Capilano U since September running a bunch of artist residencies and major concert events.
At Vancouver Jazz Fest w my sextet.
Highlights of my current work include: preparing a field school in Ghana with my friend, Kofi Gbolonyo and raising funds for the Nunya Musica Academy in Dzodze;  mixing a new live recording with Thunder Lizard, a trio I play in with Joe Poole (drums) and Nick Peck (B3 organ); and writing some big band music.

Here are some pictures from the last few months to prove I haven't been idle...
With Clyde Reed, Dylan VanderSchyff, Bill Clark at
Ron Samworth benefit show. Vince Lim photo.

at Tangent Cafe with Thunder Lizard. Vince Lim photo.

With Andre Lachane, Bill Coon, Ihor Kukurudza,
Brad Turner, Dave Robbins. 3 guitars! Vince Lim photo.

With Bill Clark at Ron Samworth benefit show. Vince Lim photo.

at Selkirk College for Cantando festival.

At Pat's Pub with Thunder Lizard. Vince Lim photo.

w. Ian McDougall at Cap U.  Laura Dunfiled photo.
w. South Delta Jazz Workshop faculty

at Ron Samworth benefit show. Vince Lim photo.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Nice gig with Curtis Andrews

Nothing major to report, but I don't want to completely neglect the blog...

I played with the Offering of Curtis Andrews on Saturday night.  Lots of listening people were there in the audience, including quite a number of my students.  It was nice to see them there and see them really having a great time. The music was intense, as it always is when I play with Curtis. He tends to write impossibly difficult tunes that make your eyes cross when you are learning them but then things get loose and crazy on stage.  I don't think I have ever experienced anything quite like the musical contrasts and challenges that this band presents.  They are all great guys to play with.  John Korsrud (trumpet), Robin Layne (vibes), Russell Shumsky (percussion), David Spidel (bass, and Colin Maskell (saxes/flute).  Most of all, I get to exorcise/exercise my rock and roll roots a bit as you'll see in the clip... Thanks to John for taking a minute to record a snippet of my solo.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Spring Gigs

Here is a guide to some of my upcoming public performances... I'm not playing quite as much as usual this spring.  There are a lot of private functions and that, coupled with my crazy teaching and administrative load at Capilano makes for a full schedule.  I

There are some good quality gigs coming up that should be a lot of fun.  I'm sure there'll be more announced, so watch this space or drop me a line if you're in town and want to know where I'm playing. Hope to see you around.

Jan 21 - Brad Muirhead Quartet at Presentation House Studio.  8pm $10 at the door.

Jan 30 - Tribute to Brazil show at Blueshore Theatre 8pm.  Capilano U box office for tickets.

Feb 4 - Jared Burrows Quartet at Presentation House Studio.  8pm $10 at the door.

Feb 7 - The Offering of Curtis Andrews at Cafe Deux Soleils.  9pm. $7 at the door.

Feb 18 - Soundimagenet at with Paul Cram at Presentation House Studio.  8pm $10 at the door.

Feb 26 - NARWHAL at Capilano U  Room Fir 113. 11:30am.  Free admission.

Mar 4 - Jazz Faculty concert with Kofi Gbolonyo at Capilano U.  Room Fir 113. noon.  Free admission.

Mar 11 - Valtkovich/Campbell/Burrows/Reed at Presentation House Studio.  8pm $10 at the door.

Apr 7 - Cap Jazz Faculty Quartet at Capilano U.  Room Fir 113. 11:30am.  Free admission.

Apr 9 - NARWHAL at Capilano U  Room Fir 113. 11:30am.  Free admission.

Apr 18-19 - Adjudicating at Cantando Festival, Sun Peaks.

Apr 25-26 - Adjudicating at Cantando Festival, Nelson.  Performance with Cap Jazz Faculty Quartet.

May 2-3 - Adjudicating at Cantando Festival, Whistler. Performance with Cap Jazz Faculty Quartet.

July 7-11 South Delta Jazz Festival daily teaching and performances.