Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Gig with Jennifer Scott and Rene Worst at Presentation House Studio

I'm playing a gig with the fantastic jazz vocalist, Jennifer Scott, tomorrow at Presentation House Studio  Jennifer's husband Rene Worst is one of this town's best-known bassists and he will be on the gig too.  Bernie Arai will play drums.  I have never played with Jennifer before, though I have known her and her musical talents since I first started playing here.  Rene is of the generation of musicians preceding mine and I got to hear him a lot when I was coming up.  We haven't played together, nor have I played with Bernie, since before I left for the States so it will be great to musically reconnect with everyone.  We're playing the Vancouver Club next Wednesday, so if you are a member and happen to be around, come and say hi.
Jennifer and Rene have put together a lot of great arrangements and original tunes.  It is going be a fun night!


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