Thursday, November 17, 2011

upcoming gigs

Updates seem to be getting fewer and fewer these days.  This fall has been incredibly busy with a lot of very involved musical projects.  No time to write!
Upcoming gigs include:

  • November 23 -  Offering of Curtis Andrews at Kozmik Zoo. 53 W. Broadway. 9pm. $10 at the door.
  • November 29 - Brad Turner Group at Capilano U.  Brad Turner - trumpet/piano, Jared Burrows - guitar, Dave Robbins - drums, Wynston Minckler - bass. 11:30am, FIR 113. Free admission.
  • November 30 - J Trio at presentation House Studio. James Danderfer - clarinet, Jared Burrows - guitar/bass, Joe Poole - drums.  at Presentation House Studio, 333 Chesterfield, N. Vancouver.  8pm $10 at the door.
  • Dec 6 -  Thordarson/Reed/Burrows  at Presentation House Studio.  Stefan Thordarson - violin, Jared Burrows - guitar, Clyde Reed - bass.  Free playing from three generations of improvisers.   333 Chesterfield, N. Vancouver.  8pm $10 at the door.


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