Monday, April 9, 2012

Vibration Alters Consciousness

I have lately been corresponding via email with a number of very intelligent students.  I always have my best ideas while I'm teaching.  Somehow the desire to help or to respond to a query improves and focuses my thought patterns.  While writing a letter to Thomas today, the following idea (among others) emerged:

Don't forget that music is capable of bringing about much good in the world. The ancient writers of the Vedas understood thousands of years ago that vibration alters consciousness.  That is your true calling (and mine too of course) as a musical artist; to alter for the better the reality and consciousness of the people who hear you and to awaken them to a more profound understanding of their own worth and potential as living beings.  If you let it, this could become a tremendous motivating factor in your musical growth and development. 

I am pretty happy with that advice for Thomas and for me and will think about it (and try to DO it) some more this week while playing the string of cool gigs that start tomorrow night. See the previous blog entry for listings. Hope to see you there!


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