Monday, April 1, 2013

Gigs This Week

On Wednesday, April 3, I will be playing at Presentation House Studio with Bill Clark (trumpet), Clyde Reed (bass) and Joe Poole (drums).  This is our third gig together and I think the band is playing very well.  We have been using the music of Ornette Coleman as a springboard for group improvisation which tend to travel far afield. A few of my original tunes will make their way in this time as well.  Clyde has worked with Bill for more than 30 years and I have known and played with him since my musical infancy.  There is something magical about the level of musical trust that can only develop through this kind of long association and collaboration. The Joe/Clyde connection is relatively recent in comparison but I think they make one of the most buoyant and flexible rhythm sections ever, with a sound quite reminiscent of the Charlie Haden/Billy Higgins unit of the mid 1960s.  I'm very excite to play with these guys again and very pleased that we will be making audio and video recordings of the event.  As usual, the show starts at 8pm, 333 Chesterfield St, North Vancouver, $10 at the door gets you free tea and cookies, a great evening of music, and a wonderful social time with the jazz community that has developed around this venue.

The following night, April 4, I will be at the Kozmik Zoo with Brad Muirhead's band.  I have been playing Brad's music for many years, but this quartet is a relatively recent phenomenon with Lyle Hopkins (bass) and Bernie Arai (drums).  Brad's music is not always easy for musicians to play.  There are some tricky technical bits, but mostly it is challenging for new players in the band to understand the concepts that Brad has developed around the relationship of freedom and structure, composition and improvisation. He truly has a unique way of making music. I think Bernie and Lyle has done an amazing job of figuring that out and this is probably the most successful and musically satisfying version of the quartet that I have ever played with. Poster below has the details.


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