Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Canada Day

Happy Canada Day!
This is a great country and I feel very privileged to live in it.  We have our problems to be sure, but I have yet to go anywhere where I'd rather be.    I've been talking to lots of musicians from around the world this week and so many of them have said how they would like to find a way to come and live here.  Jazz fest time always reminds me of what an amazing scene we have here in terms of the depth and quality of creative musicians.  I have felt in the last few days a profound sense of gratitude for the life I have and where and how I get to live it.

I've just finished three very cool gigs in the Jazz Festival.  The weather cooperated very well for all three and the music was great.   Lots of friends and musicians showed up for every gig. Thanks to Stan, Brad, Len, and Rob for the great music. Pictures coming soon.
South Delta Jazz Festival and Jazz Workshop is coming up next week. I'll be updating the blog with news from that event as it happens.
.Projection of North America with Canada in green


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