Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Day Two of South Delta Jazz Workshop done!

Day two is finished and I am ready for bed.  Classes were really good today with students getting used to doing music for 7 hours in a row and most logistical snafus ironed out. We had a great noon-hour show planned by Len doing material from our "Recyclers" project. This is a band in which we do a whole bunch contrafacts (new melodies on old chord progressions) written by Len and me and today also one by Rob Kohler.  We took the unprecedented step of moving the concert out of the community centre hall and cramming everyone into the largest room in the Music School.  It was a little tight for 50 people and I'm glad the fire marshall didn't show up, but the acoustics were so much better.  Music is easier when you can hear. Why didn't we do this years ago?  Following a day of teaching and playing we went out for pizza wand then headed over to Diefenbaker Park in Tsawwassen for an evening gig with our older students.  Rob and I played drums - Rob on even-8s material and me on the swinging stuff.  Nice to play drums for a while as the sun set behind the hill. The weather turned out perfectly and the park was just beautiful with lots of ducks and big carp in the pond.

Pictures to follow soon - I promise.

Tomorrow is another day of teaching, a faculty part at Bob Miller's house (one of our adult student who lives by the beach in Boundary Bay), and then a jam session from 7-9 at Petra's Arts Cafe.  Life is good.  


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